The benefits of time recording systems & time and attendance tracking software.

shutterstock_11491552Time recording systems provide accurate and reliable monitoring of employee attendance and take the guesswork out of your payroll. Mistakes can be costly to your business and de-moralising and frustrating to your employees. So it makes sense to provide a time and attendance tracking system that will give you correct information every time, on time.

Workforce management through the use of a modern pc linked time recording systems will start saving you money immediately and will usually pay for itself within the first 6 to 12 months, and the savings will continue on year after year.

With the growing administration demands on employers brought about by new employment laws and legislation like the European Working Time Regulations and employee industrial tribunal disputes, it is essential to record the attendance of employees and to keep that data in a format that is easily accessible.

Through the simple implementation of a “plug & play” PC linked system like TimeTrax EZ you can keep track of your staff attendance and punctuality more effectively.

If you require a more traditional solution the SEIKO QR-375 clocking in clocks will suit you perfectly, this traditional style calculating time recorder uses clock cards and is a very popular choice amongst small businesses with up to 50 employees. If you have shift working for instance mornings, afternoons and nights the Blick 86 is a good choice as a basic clocking in machine.

Biometric Fingerprint Recognition and time recording systems

A reliable method for ensuring that the time and attendance tracking data is truly accurate and correct, is by the use of Biometric finger print recognition, Facetime clocking in systems use this technology and maintains a system of secure and accurate recording of an employee’s working hours, and makes it more difficult for staff to abuse the system, for example card based systems only record the card that was swiped rather than who swiped it. Biometrics will guarantee that you only pay your employees for the actual time worked, not claimed time. This is very useful where supervisors and managers are not always available to monitor employee activities.

All the data gathered from the clocking stations is stored onto your computer ready for your payroll run. Your managers will also be better equipped to ensure required staffing levels are met, and also plan for things like annual holidays, sick leave, maternity leave etc.

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