Time and Attendance Systems – Do Improve Employee Moral In The Workplace.

shutterstock_97777448Time and Attendance is a very important area of employee relations suprisingly overlooked by many companies, for a varied number of reasons. For example the smaller company may be afraid to introduce time and attendance monitoring through fear of upsetting staff & employees, even though there may be issues with a small percentage of employees timekeeping and their claim to hours worked. Company owners and managers very often fail to consider the negative effect that this has on the employees who come in on time and leave on time. The introduction of a time and attendance system into any business will eradicate the problems brought about by usually a small percentage of employees intent on beating the system.

Another administative task facing employers is tracking authorised and un-authorised absenteeism and holiday entitlement. Better control in this area will enable you to plan your business and staffing levels more effectively and efficiently, giving your managers the tools they need to do the job to the best of their ability. Your managers will do their job better and feel supported in their daily task of ensuring your business runs smoother and more efficiently day by day. All this can be accomplished by the simple introduction of a time and attendance system. contact us.

There are many Time Attendance systems to choose from today, from traditional time clocks to Time and Attendance Software which offers quick and detailed access to information regarding employee punctuality, absence, and worked hours. Low cost systems like Time Vision are very affordable and simple to use. Also there is the benefit of being able to export this information to spreadsheet or payroll programs.

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