Seiko TP20, Beatron TP2000 Job Clock, Warranty Clock, Time Stamp

seiko tp20The Seiko TP20 and Beatron TP2000 are the most advanced and versatile job clocks, time and date stamps,  numbering printers on the market.  The ideal choice for offices, laboratories, garage workshop or wherever there is a need for recording the time and date onto job sheet, job card, specimen card or any type of document or form.

An accurate record of time spent on a job is required when billing customers for a repair to a vehicle or time stamping a specimens arrival and departure from a hospital pathology laboratory.  Both the Seiko and Beatron machines will provide pinpoint timing and bright clear printing, for indisputable recording of workflow whether it be a car dealership or NHS hospital lab.

If you are looking for something a bit more sophisticated, check out our shop floor data collection, job costing system, utilising our award winning facetime software click here.

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