Human Resource Management Software – The Database Creation App Is Included As Standard With Our HR Time Management System.

Our simple to use Human Resource Management Software database creation App.  Allows you to create your own tailor made HR database tabs that contain text information fields, drop down lists, tick boxes, calendars, combo boxes and frames.  All achieved by a simple click, drag and drop method. The layout is your choice, you simply click save and the new tab will load into the personnel screen, ready to be populated with data. For example, personal histories, salaries, skills & qualifications, certificates, training, expiration & anniversary dates, bank details, next of kin, medical requirements etc. it’s only limited to your imagination. Why be stuck with someone else’s idea of what you need from your Human Resource Management  Software. You will be creating new HR tabs and fields within minutes it’s that easy.

Human Resource Management Software traditionally has considered employee’s to be assets of a Company, and HR software was developed to keep track of employees as assets. Times have changed and employees are no longer denigrated to being just a Company asset to be used as a mere commodity and resource.  Now HR software is used to benefit both the employer and employee. Employee’s can benefit by having an accurate record of their skill levels, qualifications and be kept up to date with training programmes and associated certificates. Also an accurate HR record of their timekeeping and general attendance is also beneficial regards future references for possible new employers.  Next of kin details and medical requirements in event of emergency gives further protection and assurance to staff and employees who after all spend a large proportion of their life in the workplace.  Employers have a duty of care to ensure detailed information is kept for each person they employ, whether part time or full time.

HR SoftwareOur Human Resource Management Software also allows you to import and save important HR documents and files, pdf’s, word documents etc relating to each employee, into their own individual HR database. The documents will be listed and  viewable just by simply clicking on them from the list. Particularly useful if your workforce is made up of non-UK nationals. The red tape and regulations regarding work permits and visas means you may need to access these documents at short notice in the event of a query from HMRS or the borders agency.  The document file name will consist of the employee’s payroll number which is unique to them and ensures the document is saved and retrievable from that persons personnel screen.

You would be wise to choose a Human Resource Management  Software that gives you flexibility and simplicity, to create your own HR  and data input fields, that are suited to your Company or Organisation not someone else’s. Human Resources Management Software designed by you for you.