Fire roll call systems are an essential requirement and aid for Fire Marshalls and the Emergency Fire Services, helping them to safely account for employees and staff during a fire evacuation.

An emergency fire evacuation list is automatically printed out the the high speed fire printer upon activation of the fire alarm, via a connection to your fire alarm panel.  The fire report can be printed manually if required by pressing the F2 key on any designated computers around the building.  Within seconds the report is printed and the fire marshall’s can tear off the till receipt style printout, taking it with them to the designated fire assembly point. The fire marshals are then  able to account for all present.  The print out is grouped into a fire zone sort order and can be sent to various printers and dedicated fire printers connected directly to our attendance terminals.

Our system was recently put to the test when our customer Teknor Apex based in Oldbury, Birmingham. Had a devastating fire that destroyed the entire factory in a matter of 8 minutes.  The fire evacuation roll call list printed out the names of all present onto the dedicated fire printer. And the fire marshall’s were able to identify  and account for all employees. Thankfully everyone was safely accounted for.  This makes a huge difference for the emergency fire services who frequently risk their lives looking for unaccounted personnel at fires like this.  This three minute video of the fire was taken by an employee on his mobile phone, as he was leaving the site to go to the fire assembly area across the road.

Video courtesy of YouTube

Fire Safety Procedures In The Workplace

It’s very important that all staff & employees are confident in how to respond to an alarm situation. They should know the planned procedure set out by your Company in the event of a Fire Evacuation becomes necessary. Your planned Fire Evacuation Procedure must cover the following points.

  • A procedure for raising the alarm when a fire is discovered.
  • A procedure for contacting the emergency fire services
  • Evacuation procedure for everyone onsite employees/staff/visitor/contractors
  • Assembly area a safe distance from any buildings
  • A roll call procedure as people arrive at their designated assembly area
  • Adequate procedures for safely fighting the fire until the Fire Services arrive.
  • Procedures to assist the Fire Services when they arrive.

Our Fire Roll Call Systems will act as an invaluable aid to your Fire Wardens, Fire Marshalls and the Fire Services giving you a list of everyone registered as present. Lets look in more detail at the procedures just listed.

Raising the alarm when a fire is discovered.

Fire Alarm Systems can be simple or complicated depending on the size of the building/s. The fire alarm activation points should be easily accessible and everyone should be well versed in how to activate them in the event a fire is discovered.

Contacting the emergency fire services.

Some fire alarm systems automatically contact the Fire Brigade when they are activated, some do not, either way the Fire Services must be contacted by telephone as quickly as possible. There is usually a designated person to do this, for example the receptionist if you have one. When contacting the fire brigade by telephone give the following information if you are able to.

  1. The name and address of the building.
  2. Directions to the building if they ask.
  3. If known, the type and size of the fire, are there people missing/injured, the type of material that is on fire.

Evacuation procedure

When the fire alarm has been activated and is sounding, the evacuation of the building/s can be started according to the procedure you have set out.