Time Attendance Case Study DHL

dhl michelle” We need to record the amount of hours that our employees, especially our drivers, are working. This is done mostly to comply and keep within the Road Transport working time regulations. DHL are always striving to promote and maintain a safe and secure working enviroment for our employees, the nature of our business involves meeting deadlines on a daily basis, and the time attendance system provided by facetime helps us maintain a punctual workforce to achieve this safely “.

Michelle, Office Manager, Exel Logistics, Gloucester Depot.

The work of DHL touches many aspects of our day-to-day lives, across the globe, 24 hours a day. As you sleep, exel is delivering the food that we buy and the petrol that drives our car’s, that they also help build and service. As we go about our daily routine, our mobile phone’s, personal computer’s and household electronics have been touched by their teams and solutions to ensure that we have the choice and efficiency that today’s world demands. When crisis comes, DHL’s solutions support the medical care we receive and ensure the prescriptions we need are waiting for us and our family’s.


With around 111,000 employees in over 135 countries worldwide, DHL provides solutions to a wide range of manufacturing, retail and consumer industries, giving support by providing highly skilled people and leading-edge technology.

DHL are a UK listed, FTSE 100 company, with turnover of £6.3 billion (US$11.6 billion/€9.3 billion). Their customers include over 75% of the world’s largest, quoted non-financial companies.

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