What is Biometric Time and Attendance Technology

The technology behind biometric time and attendance systems allows indisputable identification of an employee using physiolgical features unique to that person; these unique defining features cannot be copied or used by anyone else. Employees like the simplicity of a biometric fingerprint system, and the employer gets a level of security which is unsurpassed by traditional methods of identification. With a biometric time attendance system you can rest assured that the hours claimed by employees will be a true and accurate refelection of their attendance.

Our biometric equipment uses Bioscrypt’s © MV1200 sensor and controller as an OEM and is used in both the Facetime attendance terminal and the Facetime access control reader.

Biometrics and Employee Privacy

The integrity of the fingerprint template is guaranteed. We do not keep an image of your fingerprint, our Biometric fingerprint readers scan the finger at a low resolution, which is then turned into an algorithm and is stored as a number.

Biometric Fingerprint Verification and Identification

With Fingerprint Verification the employee enters a pin number or swipes a card before placing their finger on the biometric scanner, an image is taken of their finger and that image is then compared with the stored template by looking for the employee pin or card number stored in the database, and then checking the stored data with the newly captured data, this is by far the fastest method and takes about 1 second.

Fingerprint Identification works differently, the image taken when an employee places their finger on the biometric scanner is compared against the whole database of fingerprint templates, the the time taken for this procedure is slightly longer at around 2 to 3 seconds depending on the size of the database. Either method will give you accurate and reliable time attendance data.

FaceTime equipment uses a pattern recognition algorithm as the basis for the fingerprint template authentification procedure. This algorithm processes the entire fingerprint image, rather than simply selecting a small number of minutiae points. Pattern recognition algorithms are more effective as they are not greatly influenced by loss of information which can occur when a finger is contaminated by dirt or oil.

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