Biometric Hand Scanner

The ultimate biometric solution – HP1000 hand scanner from the world leader in biometrics.

Time really is money, and we can help you save both by offering the very latest biometric hand scanner systems. This is the most advanced computer linked software driven biometric hand geometry hardware available, that will enable your company to do away with time sheets and the uncertainty that goes with them. By recording your employees hours more accurately and impartially,you will quite literally save your company thousands of pounds.

You will be quite amazed at how much money you could save year after year, whether you have 5 employees or 5000 introducing a biometric hand scanner clocking in system, that will benefit your business financialy in the short and long term.

The Schlage biometric hand scanner will eliminate the possibility of clocking fraud overnight, you can be sure that employee hours records will be correct and truly reflect their attendance at work. Clocking in fraud can be a major problem for many Companies causing financial hardship and putting jobs at risk.

The Schlage Hand Scanner  is the ultimate solution in biometric hand geometry, taking clocking in systems to their highest security level, and the excellent build quality will ensure trouble free performance and reliability.

This unique biometric hand scanner interfaces with our facetime software and will function as both a clocking in system and door access control system. The biometric hand scanner is quick and easy to use,  the employee simply enters a pin number on the keypad, presses the enter key, they then place their hand onto the base of the biometric hand scanner and are then accepted, or rejected if they have keyed in the wrong employee pin number or are clocking for someone else.

Click here to see the biometric  hand scanner  in action.asx

We can supply and install your biometric hand scanner clocking in system if you prefer , and also give full training and after sales support. Our comprehensive maintenance support contracts ensure many years of trouble free operation and are very popular with our customers.


Biometric technology and time & attendance systems

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