Web Based Time And Attendance System

The Heart Pulse Of Any Business, Is The Ability To Monitor The Time and Attendance Hours Employee’s Claim Are Accurate And True.

A wisely chosen web based time and attendance system puts you in the driving seat, and gives you the ability to see the road ahead, and avoid costly and damaging over payments.

26 September 2013

Ollie McGovern is chief executive officer for Simeio

shutterstock_60344977With margins continuing to be squeezed across the industry, firms looking to stay competitive are seeking to drive efficiency. This is stalling, however, due to a lack of transparency throughout the management chain.

Advances in technology are helping to overcome some of these challenges. The latest web based time and attendance system solutions and other cloud-based platforms mean users can gather large amounts of accurate time and attendance data across a multitude of sites and store it securely.

Not only can this make site management easier, but when data is mined effectively, it can reveal patterns and anomalies that can impact future business decisions.

Don’t be put off

Despite the futuristic feel of the concept, biometric technology is simple to use and cost-effective, and when integrated with cloud-based software, it can deliver an excellent return on investment.

A fingerprint scanner or alternative biometric hardware can be used to collect the data and send it to a hub via a secure network for storage and analysis.

In the context of a building site, the software needed to process and present this data can be integrated with existing hardware and installed at points of site entry and exit, or on handheld wireless devices. It can also be integrated with a company’s management business processes and software.

The data can then be accessed using a web interface at any time, with customised reports showing live up-to-the-minute data, including hours logged, absences, qualifications and lateness, sorted by individual, team, contractor or site.

It can also be secured and stored centrally in the cloud. Not only is the data secure, but it can be accessed by the user and stakeholders via a secure web interface.

Cloud-based software is extremely scalable; as the capital expenditure is minimal, it is an extremely attractive proposition for firms of all sizes, as they only pay for what they need.

Massive potential

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the application of a web based time and attendance system is the potential of the data, which goes far beyond the creation of reliable timesheets.

When a large quantity of employee data is mined and analysed, it can reveal the story of your business over time. Trends and anomalies can signpost areas that need attention, or where money can be saved.

This can also be invaluable when it comes to pitching for new business. Proof of an effective reporting system and reliable data on the number of people you employ and the time they spend on site can significantly enhance your bidder profile, because you can then demonstrate efficient project controls.

For building services firms to be successful, they need to do more than undercut rivals. Firms need to closely manage their projects to ensure employees are delivering on time and to budget. Key to achieving this is clear communication of accurate data.

Although web based time and attendance is only a small piece of the puzzle, it is undoubtedly a critical element and is currently an area where money is being lost due to inefficiency and the use of outmoded technology.

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Summary: Web based time and attendance systems are at the cutting edge of  employee time tracking.  The depth of insight you can gain into the health and well being of your business enabling more precise management and control of the key areas of your Company.  For a quotation or to discuss your requirements please call the number below.

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