Student Attendance System A Class Of Its Own


Student Attendance System A Class Of Its Own

The Requirement For Accurate Attendance Records, Is Solved Simply By The Introduction Of A Student Attendance System.

Schools use our system because by having a student attendance system in place, irrefutable records are generated.

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 10, 2013

school-attendance-registration2Recently, Minute Hound announced its intention to apply their technological prowess to the education sector, concentrating on the importance of student attendance – through the utilization of the firms biometric system, irrefutable records are generated that document the attendance of all students.

“Schools use our system because by having a biometric system in place, irrefutable records are generated, displaying all students’ attendance,” explains a MinuteHound senior representative. “The benefits of this are multi-dimensional – without the need to record prints, our system is 100-percent safe to use with no information risk in addition to a plethora of other advantages, including the utilization of cloud-based software. With cloud-based software in place, even if a student were to steal the scanner or computer, it’s irrelevant; the information is never at risk. Further, in the case of any kind of emergency, administrators can log-in at any time to see where specific students last clocked-in and out from.”

To clock-in and clock-out, students simply place their finger on the MinuteHound punch time clock and through a patented process the fingerprint is converted into an encrypted 128-bit number. This is then fragmented into four secure servers on different continents across the world and, because the fingerprint is not stored, as a traditional biometric time clock would, it cannot be “reverse engineered” – or traced back to a single individual – thus rendering the students’ privacy uncompromised. Further, schools and universities have been utilizing MinuteHound’s system not only for student time and attendance purposes, but for faculty payroll management as well.

“A school or university faculty member doesn’t need to be an IT professional to set up and start using our system,” adds a MinuteHound spokesperson. “Our student attendance system quickly and easily installs on any PC and works in the background to monitor attendance in real-time with no training required, no learning curves to master and no long-term commitments attached.”

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Summary: The need for a durable student attendance system, capable of standing the rough and tumble of school life, is available from a system developed in the UK for schools across the United Kingdom. If you have a requirement to record student attendance, please call one of the numbers below for a quotation, or for a chat about your specific needs.

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