Employee Time Clock System Eliminates Time Theft

Employee Time Clock System Combats Time Card Manipulation.

The real threat  and consequences of time theft to business’s large and small, should not be under estimated. A wisely chosen employee time clock system will help you to weed out any “time theft” before it gets out of hand and endemic within your Company.

PRWEB October 22, 2013

Image courtesy and copyright shutterstock.comOne of the biggest sources in lost revenue for businesses is from employee time card manipulation. However, the MinuteHound employee time clock system has arrived to put an end to that once and for all. MinuteHound is a revolutionary new software that is capable of work tracking that completely eliminats time theft in any workplace it is used. It uses biometric fingerprint technology to ensure that there is never any mistaking the identity of the employee who is punching in or out.

Patented identification technology enables all employees to clock in and out using an electronic device connected to a computer. The employee will place his or her finger on the device. While MinuteHound does scan the fingerprints of employees, it does not store them. Therefore, there is no reason to be concerned about personal privacy being invaded. This is why it is perfect for government workers who value privacy and strict security standards.

The employee’s fingerprint is encoded into a binary code that identifies the person. The data of the employee’s identity, as well as when they clocked in or out, will instantly be stored and processed remotely in a secure location. MinuteHound utilizes cloud technology to ensure that all data is kept under the tightest security. The system is ideal for use with city and state government employees.

Unapproved overtime, time clock manipulation, time card errors, buddy punching and inefficient time and attendance accounting cost  businesses an estimated £92 billion every year, according to the Payroll Association. Thanks to MinuteHound, all of these issues are a thing of the past. Payroll processing time is reduced by time and attendance reports that are automatically calculated and provided by MinuteHound.

If a business owner or manager is not a computer expert, there is no need to worry. The whole system is easy to use and only takes a few minutes to set up. There is no training required. Simply download the software, plug in the USB scanner, register all employees and start clocking them in and out.

Once MinuteHound is up and running, the user can simply log in from anywhere in the world to see real time information about who is on the clock, who is late and who left early. The only thing a person needs to access this information is an Internet connection. Government branches with multiple locations will be able to monitor all activity from a single terminal… originally from


Summary: This certainly looks like a good system that utilises the latest technology for protecting your business from the “dishonest individual”. The cost of paying for hours that have not been worked, and most of which are falsely claimed at overtime rates, can seriously put the future of your business at risk. If you would like to discuss the introduction of one of our employee time clock systems, please get in touch for an online demonstration or quotation.

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