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Suspected Dishonesty Forces Introduction of Employee Time Attendance Software

Statistics show that some employees commit time theft on a regular basis by lying on time cards and time sheets.

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 08, 2013

shutterstock_74128618Most employers are likely aware that employees can be dishonest. However, many employers don’t know how far this dishonesty extends, or feel as though it might just be something that other companies experience.

According to recent statistics featured in Business News Daily, authorities identified 71,095 dishonest employees in 2012, and businesses recovered over $50 million from these inventory thefts. In recent statistics quoted by Voss Insurance Services,

-Staff members carry out 80% of crime in the workplace,
-One out of four people committing workplace fraud has been with the company for 10 years or more and
-One in four people working for any given company has witnessed or taken part in employee fraud.

Voss Insurance focuses mainly on crimes like embezzlement, phantom vendor creation, vendor kickbacks, padded expense accounts and inventory theft. However, though these crimes might be on the larger scale, this does shed some light on what others are capable of. It’s nice to believe that all people have good in their hearts and would choose not to steal. However, when it comes to snagging office supplies, random bits of inventory, and lying on time cards, most people know someone who regularly engages in this type of behavior without a second thought. When it comes to larger scale thefts and embezzlement, if so many people are capable of carrying out these crimes, then it stands to reason that the smaller ones might be more rampant than most people might think; and yes, these things could be going on right under any office manager or business owner’s nose.

Employee Time Attendance Software Solution

Modern technology has brought forth many new weapons in every war on crime; and just recently MinuteHound introduced a way for business owners to cut employee theft when it comes to lying on time cards. From now on, it is impossible for any employee to lie about arriving to work, leaving work, or his or her shift’s duration. More here…

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Summary: We know its probably happening but don’t like to think about it, but brushing it under the carpet could be financially damaging to your business, and its a poke in the eye for the majority of trustworthy employees who know who the culprits are, and are probably fed up seeing them get away with time and again.  If you don’t have it already, find yourself a Company experienced in the supply and installation of  employee time attendance software, and stop the cheats in their tracks.

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