Cloud Based Time and Attendance Solutions

Cloud Based Time and Attendance Solutions Are Proving To Be Very Popular Due To Their Ease Of Use And Affordability

Poor employee time attendance means each punctual employee you have,  are carrying the employees who fail to turn in on time or who leave early. It’s these tardy employees who may be steering your Company onto the rocks.

PRWEB.COM Newswire  October 29, 2013

shutterstock_649937Most of the common payroll overcharges are easy to resolve with MinuteHound’s biometric fingerprint reader technology. Whether it’s time card errors or employees’ out to cheat the system and steal some time, MinuteHound’s best and very latest time attendance technology will reduce the likelihood that any employer will overpay at payroll time. The new software from MinuteHound is easily installed, simple to use, and improves efficiency in the workplace.

“We are an innovative, easy-to-use, cost-effective solution,” said a representative of MinuteHound. “After the easy implementation of our services, we immediately generate real-time detailed reports for our clients, and they enjoy cost savings of five percent and more.”

By placing a finger in a MinuteHound fingerprint reader, county and state employees can sign in and sign out of work at a reader connected to a computer. This eliminates the four scourges of payroll errors:

1.    Time clock errors
2.    Buddy punching
3.    Time clock manipulation
4.    Unapproved overtime

The typical return on investment with MinuteHound is a whopping 2300 percent. Time theft amounts to five to ten percent of payroll costs.

MinuteHound provides detailed time and attendance reports that employers will be able check every minute by logging in to see who has shown up for work and how many hours they are working. The data is stored via the cloud for easy access.

Cloud Based
The cloud-based storage saves employers hassles because the information is stored offsite and cannot be accessed by employees in the office. Regardless of where their clients are in the world, by using MinuteHound managers are able to access the files they need. In addition, this provides an indisputable record of proof in case of any litigation from employees.

With the use of MinuteHound’s fingerprint technology, companies get rid of punch machines and time cards and start using a system that typically costs the clients pennies a day. The savings are immediate and with MinuteHound’s biometric technology, long lasting. Employees cannot leave early or come in late without their supervisor knowing about it immediately. The real time factor is the best part.


Summary: Ease of use and reliability are the main advantages of a cloud based time and attendance  solution. The average employee is respectful of their work colleagues and conscientious enough to keep a good time attendance record, but there are always a minority intent on getting something for nothing, and its these employees that our systems are designed to combat.  Our cloud based FaceTime attendance system will ensure your Company is not being cheated or taken advantage of by the unscrupulous.

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