Web Based Time And Attendance System

The Heart Pulse Of Any Business, Is The Ability To Monitor The Time and Attendance Hours Employee’s Claim Are Accurate And True.

A wisely chosen web based time and attendance system puts you in the driving seat, and gives you the ability to see the road ahead, and avoid costly and damaging over payments.

26 September 2013

Ollie McGovern is chief executive officer for Simeio

shutterstock_60344977With margins continuing to be squeezed across the industry, firms looking to stay competitive are seeking to drive efficiency. This is stalling, however, due to a lack of transparency throughout the management chain.

Advances in technology are helping to overcome some of these challenges. The latest web based time and attendance system solutions and other cloud-based platforms mean users can gather large amounts of accurate time and attendance data across a multitude of sites and store it securely.

Not only can this make site management easier, but when data is mined effectively, it can reveal patterns and anomalies that can impact future business decisions.

Don’t be put off

Despite the futuristic feel of the concept, biometric technology is simple to use and cost-effective, and when integrated with cloud-based software, it can deliver an excellent return on investment.

A fingerprint scanner or alternative biometric hardware can be used to collect the data and send it to a hub via a secure network for storage and analysis.

In the context of a building site, the software needed to process and present this data can be integrated with existing hardware and installed at points of site entry and exit, or on handheld wireless devices. It can also be integrated with a company’s management business processes and software.

The data can then be accessed using a web interface at any time, with customised reports showing live up-to-the-minute data, including hours logged, absences, qualifications and lateness, sorted by individual, team, contractor or site.

It can also be secured and stored centrally in the cloud. Not only is the data secure, but it can be accessed by the user and stakeholders via a secure web interface.

Cloud-based software is extremely scalable; as the capital expenditure is minimal, it is an extremely attractive proposition for firms of all sizes, as they only pay for what they need.

Massive potential

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the application of a web based time and attendance system is the potential of the data, which goes far beyond the creation of reliable timesheets.

When a large quantity of employee data is mined and analysed, it can reveal the story of your business over time. Trends and anomalies can signpost areas that need attention, or where money can be saved.

This can also be invaluable when it comes to pitching for new business. Proof of an effective reporting system and reliable data on the number of people you employ and the time they spend on site can significantly enhance your bidder profile, because you can then demonstrate efficient project controls.

For building services firms to be successful, they need to do more than undercut rivals. Firms need to closely manage their projects to ensure employees are delivering on time and to budget. Key to achieving this is clear communication of accurate data.

Although web based time and attendance is only a small piece of the puzzle, it is undoubtedly a critical element and is currently an area where money is being lost due to inefficiency and the use of outmoded technology.

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Summary: Web based time and attendance systems are at the cutting edge of  employee time tracking.  The depth of insight you can gain into the health and well being of your business enabling more precise management and control of the key areas of your Company.  For a quotation or to discuss your requirements please call the number below.

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Employee Time Clock System Eliminates Time Theft

Employee Time Clock System Combats Time Card Manipulation.

The real threat  and consequences of time theft to business’s large and small, should not be under estimated. A wisely chosen employee time clock system will help you to weed out any “time theft” before it gets out of hand and endemic within your Company.

PRWEB October 22, 2013

Image courtesy and copyright shutterstock.comOne of the biggest sources in lost revenue for businesses is from employee time card manipulation. However, the MinuteHound employee time clock system has arrived to put an end to that once and for all. MinuteHound is a revolutionary new software that is capable of work tracking that completely eliminats time theft in any workplace it is used. It uses biometric fingerprint technology to ensure that there is never any mistaking the identity of the employee who is punching in or out.

Patented identification technology enables all employees to clock in and out using an electronic device connected to a computer. The employee will place his or her finger on the device. While MinuteHound does scan the fingerprints of employees, it does not store them. Therefore, there is no reason to be concerned about personal privacy being invaded. This is why it is perfect for government workers who value privacy and strict security standards.

The employee’s fingerprint is encoded into a binary code that identifies the person. The data of the employee’s identity, as well as when they clocked in or out, will instantly be stored and processed remotely in a secure location. MinuteHound utilizes cloud technology to ensure that all data is kept under the tightest security. The system is ideal for use with city and state government employees.

Unapproved overtime, time clock manipulation, time card errors, buddy punching and inefficient time and attendance accounting cost  businesses an estimated £92 billion every year, according to the Payroll Association. Thanks to MinuteHound, all of these issues are a thing of the past. Payroll processing time is reduced by time and attendance reports that are automatically calculated and provided by MinuteHound.

If a business owner or manager is not a computer expert, there is no need to worry. The whole system is easy to use and only takes a few minutes to set up. There is no training required. Simply download the software, plug in the USB scanner, register all employees and start clocking them in and out.

Once MinuteHound is up and running, the user can simply log in from anywhere in the world to see real time information about who is on the clock, who is late and who left early. The only thing a person needs to access this information is an Internet connection. Government branches with multiple locations will be able to monitor all activity from a single terminal… originally from


Summary: This certainly looks like a good system that utilises the latest technology for protecting your business from the “dishonest individual”. The cost of paying for hours that have not been worked, and most of which are falsely claimed at overtime rates, can seriously put the future of your business at risk. If you would like to discuss the introduction of one of our employee time clock systems, please get in touch for an online demonstration or quotation.

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Student Attendance System A Class Of Its Own


Student Attendance System A Class Of Its Own

The Requirement For Accurate Attendance Records, Is Solved Simply By The Introduction Of A Student Attendance System.

Schools use our system because by having a student attendance system in place, irrefutable records are generated.

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 10, 2013

school-attendance-registration2Recently, Minute Hound announced its intention to apply their technological prowess to the education sector, concentrating on the importance of student attendance – through the utilization of the firms biometric system, irrefutable records are generated that document the attendance of all students.

“Schools use our system because by having a biometric system in place, irrefutable records are generated, displaying all students’ attendance,” explains a MinuteHound senior representative. “The benefits of this are multi-dimensional – without the need to record prints, our system is 100-percent safe to use with no information risk in addition to a plethora of other advantages, including the utilization of cloud-based software. With cloud-based software in place, even if a student were to steal the scanner or computer, it’s irrelevant; the information is never at risk. Further, in the case of any kind of emergency, administrators can log-in at any time to see where specific students last clocked-in and out from.”

To clock-in and clock-out, students simply place their finger on the MinuteHound punch time clock and through a patented process the fingerprint is converted into an encrypted 128-bit number. This is then fragmented into four secure servers on different continents across the world and, because the fingerprint is not stored, as a traditional biometric time clock would, it cannot be “reverse engineered” – or traced back to a single individual – thus rendering the students’ privacy uncompromised. Further, schools and universities have been utilizing MinuteHound’s system not only for student time and attendance purposes, but for faculty payroll management as well.

“A school or university faculty member doesn’t need to be an IT professional to set up and start using our system,” adds a MinuteHound spokesperson. “Our student attendance system quickly and easily installs on any PC and works in the background to monitor attendance in real-time with no training required, no learning curves to master and no long-term commitments attached.”

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Summary: The need for a durable student attendance system, capable of standing the rough and tumble of school life, is available from a system developed in the UK for schools across the United Kingdom. If you have a requirement to record student attendance, please call one of the numbers below for a quotation, or for a chat about your specific needs.

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Employee Time Attendance Software

Suspected Dishonesty Forces Introduction of Employee Time Attendance Software

Statistics show that some employees commit time theft on a regular basis by lying on time cards and time sheets.

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 08, 2013

shutterstock_74128618Most employers are likely aware that employees can be dishonest. However, many employers don’t know how far this dishonesty extends, or feel as though it might just be something that other companies experience.

According to recent statistics featured in Business News Daily, authorities identified 71,095 dishonest employees in 2012, and businesses recovered over $50 million from these inventory thefts. In recent statistics quoted by Voss Insurance Services,

-Staff members carry out 80% of crime in the workplace,
-One out of four people committing workplace fraud has been with the company for 10 years or more and
-One in four people working for any given company has witnessed or taken part in employee fraud.

Voss Insurance focuses mainly on crimes like embezzlement, phantom vendor creation, vendor kickbacks, padded expense accounts and inventory theft. However, though these crimes might be on the larger scale, this does shed some light on what others are capable of. It’s nice to believe that all people have good in their hearts and would choose not to steal. However, when it comes to snagging office supplies, random bits of inventory, and lying on time cards, most people know someone who regularly engages in this type of behavior without a second thought. When it comes to larger scale thefts and embezzlement, if so many people are capable of carrying out these crimes, then it stands to reason that the smaller ones might be more rampant than most people might think; and yes, these things could be going on right under any office manager or business owner’s nose.

Employee Time Attendance Software Solution

Modern technology has brought forth many new weapons in every war on crime; and just recently MinuteHound introduced a way for business owners to cut employee theft when it comes to lying on time cards. From now on, it is impossible for any employee to lie about arriving to work, leaving work, or his or her shift’s duration. More here…

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Summary: We know its probably happening but don’t like to think about it, but brushing it under the carpet could be financially damaging to your business, and its a poke in the eye for the majority of trustworthy employees who know who the culprits are, and are probably fed up seeing them get away with time and again.  If you don’t have it already, find yourself a Company experienced in the supply and installation of  employee time attendance software, and stop the cheats in their tracks.

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Clocking Out

Dedicated Weather Forecasters Leap To The Rescue – Despite Government Shutdown Rules Not Allowing Them To Clock Out.

If everyone were this conscientious,  then employee clocking in systems would soon go out of fashion.

By Nancy Gaarder / World-Herald staff writer

No clocking out during storms – and no pay for weather forecasters

shutterstock_85831546They were, and still are, working without pay. The federal shutdown has meant that most National Weather Service meteorologists are among the hundreds of thousands of federal employees required to work on an undated IOU. They won’t be paid for work done after Sept. 30 until Congress ends the shutdown.

The heads of local weather service offices said they’re not surprised by their employees’ dedication.

David Carpenter, meteorologist-in-charge in Rapid City, said his staff pulled out the cots and sleeping bags because record-setting snows made going home impractical. Two employees walked through blizzardlike conditions to get to the office, with one making a one-and-a-half mile hike.

In Omaha, several employees worked overtime, some on their normal day off, others staying hours past the end of their shift, said James Meyer, meteorologist-in-charge.

“The bottom line is we’re here,” Meyer said. “We’re going to continue to show up and do everything possible to make sure nobody gets hurt during any kind of nasty weather.”

As the storm system swept across the Plains, three Lincoln residents died on a snow-slickened road in northwest Nebraska. In northeast Nebraska, more than a dozen were injured in the tornadoes.

Meyer said his crews got out in the field on time, but he did need to make several phone calls and emails to get clearance for his staff to fill the vehicle with gas and head into the field. Damage surveys determine whether a tornado did in fact occur and where it ranked on the Enhanced Fujita scale.

Originally from : http://www.omaha.com/article/

Summary: Clocking in and clocking out systems will always be with us as human behaviours are as diverse as the weather. Hats off to these loyal  employees, who prove that when most people are put to the test during exceptional circumstances, that the majority of individuals step up their commitment and save the day.

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